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The PKI NBP system is the Public Key Infrastructure system of Narodowy Bank Polski, developed to provide cryptographic protection of NBP internal domain users – NBP employees and employees of businesses cooperating with the NBP

Both infrastructure certificates, i.e. serving to authenticate workstations and servers, and user certificates, used for authentication, signing and encryption of electronic mail and providing remote access to the IT resources of the NBP, etc., are issued in the PKI NBP system.

The system is a two-level structure of Certification Authorities. On the first level is NBP Root CA, which is an off-line authority responsible only for certification of cryptographic keys of Level 2 authority, i.e. Enterprise CA, which in turn is an on-line authority responsible for issuing end-user certificates.

Documents related to the PKI NBP system


Key Certification Centre\Certification Authority (CCK): cck@nbp.pl

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